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    Join a Tour and See our Sophisticated Brewing Technology and Skilled Brewing Team in Action.

  • Enjoy Delicious Well-Prepared Meals at Great Prices.
    Join a Tour and See our Sophisticated Brewing Technology and Skilled Brewing Team in Action.

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    Join a Tour and See our Sophisticated Brewing Technology and Skilled Brewing Team in Action.

  • Join a Tour and See our Sophisticated Brewing Technology and Skilled Brewing Team in Action.

  • Join a Tour and See our Sophisticated Brewing Technology and Skilled Brewing Team in Action.

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The Five Secrets of Great Pizza

By Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Brewpub

What was historically just a poor man’s meal, only considered good enough for labourers, market traders and vagabonds and sold by street vendors in the grimy backstreets and alleys of Naples, now takes pride of place on tables around the world. At Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Brewpub Pizzeria in Paphos, Cyprus we work hard to bring you 100% authentic and great tasting Italian pizza. Our reputation for having the finest Italian pizza is spreading far and wide with regular reviews such as “The pizza was the best I have eaten”, “The best pizza I have had in Cyprus”, “The most amazing pizza outside of Italy”, etc.

Many of our guests have asked us “What are the secrets of Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Brewpub Great Tasting Pizza?”. More specifically “How do you get the pizza crust to have such a delicious flavour and texture?” and “Why does your tomato sauce taste so fresh and rich?” and “How is it that your toppings taste so good?”. So today we are going to tell you in detail how we make our pizzas and give you the five secrets of great pizza.

Our first of the five secrets of great pizza is water and lots of it to avoid producing a dough that is too dry. Great pizza requires a nice open structure to the crust and the only way to achieve this properly is to produce a dough with very high levels of hydration. For every kilo of premium Italian Doppio Zero “00” flour we use 680ml of water ie a 68% hydration level. Dough with such high hydration is difficult to work but results in the pizza crust rising more freely in the oven and allows the bubbles to form that give the light crumb texture with the puffy, crisp, light and chewy consistency we all love in Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Brewpub’s great tasting pizza crust.

Our second of the five secrets of great pizza is to allow Mother Nature to play her natural role. We don’t prepare the dough by heavy mixing in a blender or by pounding away at it by hand for 20 to 30 minutes or more as many cookbooks suggest. This treatment simply damages the dough as it is will be excessively heated and is at risk of becoming oxidized. All dough contains natural enzymes and if you give them a chance then these enzymes will develop the gluten strands and create sugars from the starches in the dough all by themselves. The process is simple and is called ‘enzymatic autolysis’. We mix the flour and water in the required proportions, as discussed in our first secret, simply to combine the ingredients and we then walk away from it. Twenty minutes later we come back and slowly work the dough in our low speed spiral mixer for just five minutes then allow a further hour of rest for the magic of autolysis to take place. Finally, we hand knead for 10 minutes by stretching, folding and combining until the dough takes a ball form and, if we spread some flour on it, it has a soft springy feel like a baby’s bottom.

The third of the five secrets of great pizza is to understand that over 95% of the work in the pizza is in the preparation and great pizza can never be rushed! Instant dried yeast is used by most fast food pizza chains as it’s quick and easy. Similarly most of the cookbook recipes that you see for pizza also suggest that you use instant dried yeast. If you want great pizza then this approach is wrong as it gives you all the puff and nothing else. Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Brewpub pizzas are all made from a traditional Naples sourdough or ‘biga’ which not only breaks down much of the heavy gluten in the dough, greatly improving digestibility and benefitting people with some degree of gluten intolerance, but also gives an unsurpassable depth of flavour to our pizza crust. All our pizzas start by adding a generous portion of our biga mother culture to the dough after the autolysis process is complete then the final kneading gently blends the dough and biga together. We spread a small amount of olive oil onto the dough, just to reduce the stickiness, then carefully weigh-out and form each of the required dough balls and then place these into a cold refrigerator for up to 48 hours to gradually develop flavour. On the day of use we then progressively bring the dough balls out from the refrigerator to allow them to come up to ambient temperature. When ambient temperature is reached we give the dough balls at least another hour to rise and the bubbles to form in them. This occurs through the fermentation action of the biga consuming the sugars that the enzymes created from the starch in the flour. At this stage the pizza dough has great elasticity and we are able to rapidly hand-stretch a disk of dough 2mm – 3mm thick rising to an outer rim 1cm thick. It is into this outer rim that we push the precious fermentation-induced bubbles that result in the traditional cornicione or “crown” of the pizza crust, which must be puffy, crisp, light and chewy. The tomato, cheese and all other toppings can never touch this as it must stay dry to allow its transformation to occur in the oven.

The fourth of the five secrets of great pizza is to bake the pizza at very high temperatures. We use an Italian-imported, low-dome, wood-burning oven, a Forno a Legna, which generates the dry heat hearth temperatures in excess of 400°C and dome temperature of up to 650°C which are so crucial for Italian pizza. Cooking at these temperatures is an art form in which the pizza is baked in under two minutes. The pizzas must be deftly rotated on the spot in the oven to ensure a controlled exposure to the flame on all sides. This slightly blackens the cornicione as the flames “kiss” the crown. The bottom colour is from the high hearth temperature and a light dusting of potassium-rich wood ash adding a depth of flavour to your pizza that can be achieved in no other way.

The fifth, and final, of the five secrets of great pizza is in the choice of ingredients. After such care in the preparation and baking of the precious pizza crust you will understand why we add nothing to top the pizza except the very best, tastiest and freshest of ingredients – without compromise. From our rich Italian premium tomato sauce to our fresh cheeses, meats and fire-roasted vegetables all are chosen as the best products available that are lovingly prepared and freshly baked just for you.

And you thought it was just a pizza…

Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Brewpub is located in a tastefully renovated, picturesque old winery and is surrounded by natural beauty in its very pretty countryside setting in the hills above Paphos. This excellent family-run venue is staffed by a team who are passionate about providing the highest levels of friendly and efficient service and hospitality. Sit back and relax in our traditional old stone courtyard, nicely shaded by walnut, hazelnut and mulberry trees, and savour our premium quality and great tasting range of craft beers, lagers and ciders that are all skillfully and lovingly brewed on the premises or enjoy all other usual bar beverages including wines, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks, freshly-squeezed fruit juices etc. You can choose your lunch or dinner from a selection of simple but delicious meals that are all cooked-to-order using the freshest of local ingredients or, of course, you can enjoy what many people say is “The best pizza they have ever tasted” all hand-stretched and freshly baked for you in the brewery’s wood fired Italian pizza oven and all offered at unbeatably low prices.

After lunch every Monday to Friday, at around 2.00pm, you can join our unique and highly popular brewery tour. Few breweries in the world provide such a fascinating, comprehensive and up-close-and-personal brewery tour. You will receive a thorough explanation of the brewing process which not only details how beer is made but also allows you to see the raw materials, instrumentation and equipment used. Of considerable interest to many guests is the way that a great number of very interesting historical facts associated with beer and brewing throughout the last 12,000 or so years of man’s civilisation are neatly interwoven into the presentation. This tour is light and entertaining and is enjoyed by all; even those who say they don’t like beer! Numbers are limited for health & safety and practical reasons and the Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Brewpub brewery tour is frequently over-subscribed. A free ticket, however, is guaranteed to all guests who take lunch with us and so advance booking of a table for lunch to ensure your place is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.

To watch a short presentation video about Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Brewpub and see our pizzas being prepared, formed and baked click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApCywL7L6HA or visit www.cyprusbrewpub.com and www.aphroditesrock.com.cy for more details.

Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Brewpub is regularly rated as the number one in Paphos in Tripadvisor “The Top 10 Things to do in Paphos” and in “Food & Drink” http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g190384-Activities-Paphos_Paphos_District.html. It is considered by most of our guests to be top of their personal list of “Things to do in Paphos and places to see in Paphos”.

Come and see us when you are on holiday in Cyprus. Book now on (00 357) 26 101446 or by email.

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